Vaccinate Your Baby - Poster Order

Every Child By Two: Carter/Bumpers Champions for Immunization (ECBT™), is a nonprofit organization committed to reducing the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases in children. Over the past two decades, ECBT has conducted numerous activities aimed at reaching its goal of educating the public about vaccines and the importance of timely immunizations.

Every Child By Two’s Vaccinate Your Baby campaign is a multi-faceted, public health education campaign targeting the entire U.S. population with messages about vaccine safety and the importance of vaccinating children in accordance with the recommended immunization schedule. The campaign addresses misinformation about the safety of vaccines and directs the public to credible research and science-based information housed on

As part of its Vaccinate Your Baby campaign, ECBT has created and paid for the production of a variety of advertisements available in three types of posters/displays.

1. 14’x48’ vinyl bulletins

2. 125”x272” polyethylene posters (also known as eco-posters)

3. 68.5”x 47.5” bus shelter posters

To place your order for the posters and/or vinyl bulletins, please click “Order Online”. If you are unable to place your order online, you may also download the order form(s), and fax the completed forms to ECBT at 202-783-7042. To check the status of your order, click the “Order Status” button.

As a nonprofit with a limited budget, ECBT may not be able to provide you with the full number of posters and/or bulletins you requested; however, we will fill as much of your order as our budget allows. After posting, please provide Every Child By Two with proof-of-performance via email or fax (; 202-783-7042).